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IOT (Internet of Things) security requires a combination of embedded software, data, mobile application and cloud security.

IOT (Internet of Things) security requires a combination of embedded software, data, mobile application and cloud security.

There is no doubt about the ease that comes with the use of IoT devices in our homes and organizations. The automation, programmability and the insight IoT provides cannot be ignored. While IoT enables new business models and opportunities, it also poses fatal security risks as these conveniencies introduces a large surface area of vulnerabilities into your network and recent breaches demonstrate the effect of IoT devices when it comes to ease of exploitation.

Chert Security on the foremost when it comes to cybersecurity in Nigeria is introducing IoT penetration testing as a service to organizations in West Africa. In partnership with the University of Manchester, Chert Security has developed tailored, finely-tuned methodologies based on industry best practice that ensures comprehensive penetration test of our client’s IoT infrastructure.

What We Test

Our IoT pentest methodology covers all vulnerabilities in the IoT ecosystem. Our motivation is to ensure the security of every component in the IoT ecosystem as a compromise on any of them could be fatal to the entire infrastructure and could potentially impact the safety and security of the product user.

Hardware inspection

Our team will conduct an in-depth security assessment to identify physical and logical security threats to the embedded system to identify the security threats such as privilege escalation, IoT device exploitation, encryption keys and prioritize the risk at the device level to provide with actionable mitigation steps.

Signal and Communication

Majority of IoT devices use radio based communication method such as ZigBee,6LoWPAN and Bluetooth LE. Our approach is focused to identify security issues and includes the assessment of these wireless protocols use for local device communication.

IoT Device Security

We start each IoT security assessment by conducting reconnaissance and open source intelligence gathering (OSINT) to enumerate information about the components and supporting infrastructure.

Cloud and Web APIs Security

This test will attempt to compromise the communication between the client and the devices this includes all back-end platforms used to exchange data with IoT networks, applications, devices and sensors. Vulnerabilities are identified, and if desired, exploited during a penetration test.

IoT Infrastructure Security

IoT operates using exposed network services, at this stage, we will identify all exposed ports within the IoT ecosystems infrastructure. Armed with this, we conduct a thorough penetration test to identify all vulnerable or misconfigured services.

IoT Firmware Security

Chert Security engineers will dump the firmware and attempt to attempt to identify OS level vulnerabilities to ensure security best practices have been implemented.

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