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Penetration tests focused on the technology alone can be considered as incomplete. To fully address all factors that could be considered as risks, We believe the human aspects need to be considered.

Reports show that malicious actors are often more successful at breaching a network infrastructure through social engineering than through traditional network/application exploitation.

Humans are often the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, with even the strictest technical controls are easily bypassed by a compromisable employee. By engaging, testing and then educating members of your staff with simulated campaigns, you reduce this risk and decrease this vulnerable surface area, drastically increasing your organization’s overall security.

Our Social Engineering penetration services can be opted as an add-on to regular penetration test or ordered as a standalone service.

The efforts that an organization put in to securing your network are of little use if your employees fall prey to social engineering attacks.

What We Test

Chert Security can help you prepare for these types of attacks with a wide range of social engineering services and programs, including and not limited to;


Aim at the exposure of credentials or gain remote access to highly secured networks, the attacker will craft an email designed to entice unsuspecting personnel to perform an action, usually clicking a website link or opening an attachment.

Telephone Social Engineering

Usually targeting employees by making fake calls by impersonating someone known and try to gain sensitive information from users.

Physical Site Assessment

Targets physical security, attempts to identify vulnerabilities in your organisation’s physical security policies and control. Physical activities including attempts to gain access to specific locations, unauthorized physical network access, baiting, tailgating, dumpster diving, USB drops, etc.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering

We use publicly available information to gather intelligence about your employees and how that information could be used to attack your organization.

We also run classroom-based security awareness training, to inform your employees how your company may be targeted through social engineering, protect their online presence and help you mitigate the risks associated with compromise through social engineering attacks.

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