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He only needs to find one vulnerability to exploit your infrastructure

Chert Security

"Cyber crimes could be as high as $6 trillion by 2021."
- 2017 official annual cybercrime report

Chert Security has responded to these security challenges by providing affordable and dynamic Cybersecurity services that extend beyond just technology.

What We Offer

By offering bespoke Cyber Security Solutions to resolve challenges across a wide spectrum of sectors, Chert Security has become the ideal service provider for many SMEs

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing provides insight into an attacker’s mind. It is where security theory meets hacker reality.


We understand the value of information in your business, and how information is handled can be pivotal for your business.

Endpoint Security

We also provide endpoint protection covering all major platforms including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android.

Corporate Training

Security awareness ensures your employees detect threats and protect your organization’s critical information assets

"We all have protective instincts
but for us, protecting businesses is our business"

CEO Chert Group, Akinbami Ande

Our experts are certified across board

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Arm your organization with the best defense

against fast evolving, ever changing threat landscape

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