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Chert security services

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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration testing is a proactive approach to discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in your computer systems and network as well as the devices within the network.

IoT Infrastructre Penetration Testing

The ease that comes with the use of IoT devices in our homes and organizations also poses fatal security risks as these conveniencies introduces a large surface area of vulnerabilities into your network.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web applications have become more robust to accommodate business requirements. Unfortunately, these complexities, introduce vulnerabilities that can be used to infiltrate a secured network 

Wireless Penetration Testing

A Wireless Penetration test is an authorised hacking attempt, which is designed to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in security controls employed by a number of wireless technologies and standards, misconfigured access points, and weak security protocols.

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For some, compliance might be time-consuming, hectic and can get in the way of business. We can help by putting your infrastructure steps ahead of attackers by making sure all devices in your infrastructure meet the ISO27001 standard.

Endpoint Security

Ransomware and malware attacks is increasing at an alarming rate, but we can provide your business with defense from attackers. Our solution provides real-time visibility and zero-day protection, leaving your business completely secured.

Social Engineering

 By engaging, testing and then educating members of your staff with simulated campaigns, you reduce this risk and decrease this vulnerable surface area, drastically increasing your organization’s overall security.

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment gives you the opportunity to uncover potential issues in their information systems, and offer recommendations to eliminate or reduce the level of risk. 

Corporate cyber security awareness training

Our comprehensive security awareness education ensures that your employee can detect threats and protect your organization and its critical information assets.


Chert Security provides a wide range of security services to give our clients the tools needed to thrive in a world filled with cyber criminals. In the light of leaks and attacks which have occurred in recent years, it is ever more important to take cyber security seriously.

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